How to study Biotechnology…

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Scientific journals about Biotechnology

Bioresource Technology

This publication by Elsevier offers in-depth information on biomass, biological waste treatment, bioenergy, and other technologies associated with biological topics.


This peer-edited journal offers up-to-date publications on issues that are important to the world of biotech.

Biotechnology Innovation Organization

The world’s largest biotechnology trade organization, BIO helps boost research and development across all biotechnologies.

Biotechnology: PBS Learning Media

Perfect for those who aren’t yet sure about a biotechnology career, these articles and videos presented by PBS offer an excellent overview of the various professions.

International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

This journal is designed or those who work in agriculture, plant and animal science, and other areas of interest in the biotechnologies field.

International Journal of Biotechnology

This journal focuses on biotechnologies and biotechnics, with an emphasis on management, economics, political and social issues.

Journal of Biotechnology

This publication covers all aspects of biotechnology, including biochemical engineering, molecular biology, genomes and agricultural technologies

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