Tools for Data Analysis – Molecular Biology

Data Analysis tools:

Given the complexity of metagenomic samples, a number of publicly available bio-informatics tools have been created.

MEGAN: (, a Metagenome Analyzer, allows a single scientist to analyze large data sets and group sequencing reads into taxonomic units.

The SEED database ( is a public resource of complete and draft genome sequences to help relate sequences to metabolic function.

IMG/M ( provides tools for analyzing the functional capability of microbial communities based on their metagenomic sequence, in the context of reference isolate genomes, using a variety of public functional and pathway resources.

CAMERA ( is a user-driven site dedicated to providing the scientific community with metagenomic data and analysis tools.

CARMA ( is a software pipeline for analyzing metagenomes. The Ribosomal Database Project ( provides tools to analyze 16S rRNA sequences.

COGs (, NCBI’s non-redundant Clusters of Orthologs database provides phylogenetic classification of proteins encoded in complete genomes.

KEGG (, the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes, is a reference data base for linking genomes to biological systems and environments.

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