PALEOBIOLOGY web links and powerpoint files

PALEOBIOLOGY web links and powerpoint files

Interoperability of the Paleogeographic Atlas Project and Paleobiology databases Why develop interoperability of the PGAP and Paleobiology Databases,

PALEOBIOLOGY‘ AS db_name. genus_name AS genus … Materialized Views PaleoBiology Database. Hosted by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and

a data and tools network for sedimentary geology and paleobiology Sedimentary geochemistry; Paleobiology/biostratigraphy; Radioisotope geochronology

paleobiology: “Forward modeling, simulation of complex systems that cannot be …. paleobiology: “the big problems, the importance of first principles”

245 00 Deep time : $b Paleobiology’s perspective : a. special volume commemorating the 25th. anniversary of the journal Paleobiology

Sympatric speciation and phyletic change in Globorotalia truncatulinoides. Paleobiology, 21:28-51, 1995. Globorotalia: divergence of three species

8Department of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC 20560 USA. 9American Geological Institute, Alexandria, VA 22302 USA

  • Geologic Time Learn more about the methods used to determine geologic time in this online version of a general interest U.S. Geological Survey publication.
  • Fossils, Rocks, and Time This online version of a U.S. Geological Survey general interest publication, by Lucy E. Edwards and John Pojeta, Jr., gives additional insight to application of the study of fossils.
  • A Geologic Timeline This site gives the majopr events in Earth hostory presented against twelve standard hours, from midnight to noon.
  • Geologic Ages of Earth History This site by Jeff Poling give a much more detailed geologic time scale than is commonly encountered in introductory textbooks. Rest assured, as you get deeper into any field of science, that things will most assuredly get more detailed!
  • Take Our Web Geological Time Machine! This page, part of the University of California Museum of Paleontology site, offers hotlinked sections to other pages at the Museum.
  • The Major Fossil Groups This U.S. Geological Survey page provides additional details about selected groups of fossil-producing organisms.
  • The Origin and History of Life (U Texas) A methodical outline of the major events in the origin of life.
  • The Story of Carbon Dating This site by the British Broadcastibng Corporation (BBC) gives the reader a short but informative treatment on the technique.
  • Radio-Carbon Dating This online exhibit from the e-Museum at Minnesota State Unoiversity at Mankato, provides information on this important geochronology technique. This page is also part6 of a larger section on Dating Techniques.

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