Nucleic Acids Problem Set – ppt links

  1. DNA, the genetic material
  2. Meselson-Stahl, semiconservative replication
  3. DNA replication I
  4. DNA replication II
  5. DNA replication III
  6. Meselson-Stahl, second generation
  7. DNA transformation
  8. DNA base pairing
  9. RNA
  10. Translation
  11. mRNA and translation I
  12. Initiation and translation
  13. mRNA and translation II
  14. Codon-anticodon base pairing
  15. Transcription
Heat (e.g., boiling water) alters structures of proteins and nucleic acids; UV radiation crosslinks thymines in nucleic acids (more in problem set 1)

The Goal of these Problem Sets is to Develop Your Skills in Analyzing NMR Data “NMR of Proteins and Nucleic Acids” Kurt Wuthrich
Homework/ problem set 4 (15 pts) due next week in lab. Handout for transformation lab available Can use to quantify amounts of nucleic acid and protein.

Proteins and nucleic acids that differ in size, charge or conformation …. The problem of shear forces was solved by performing DNA purification from whole low melting point (LMT) agarose and set in a mold forming agarose ‘plugs’

Aug 1, 2008 contains syllabus, lecture notes, readings, problem sets. PABIO 551 grades. Problem sets: 20% The five principal bases in nucleic acids

Problem Sets, Projects. Comments. BE700 / BF600. Course Overview. WEEKS TOPICS Proteins and nucleic acids from a small number of monomers:

We formulate a problem of functional gene set prediction as generating maximal cover Connected gene neighborhoods in prokaryotic genomes Nucleic Acids

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