Immunology lingo. Antigen. Any molecule that binds to immunoglobulin or T cell receptor. Pathogen. Microorganism that can cause disease. Antibody (Ab)

On-line Microbiology and Immunology textbook URL: Tumor immunology. CHAPTER NINETEEN. Immunodeficiencies. VIROLOGY. CHAPTER ONE

Transplantation immunology – sequence of events that occurs after an allograft or xenograft is removed from donor and then transplanted into a recipient.
Viral Immunology. Innate Immunity. Type I interferons; NK Cells. Specific Immunity. B cell- and T cell-mediated
Transplantation Immunology. Laura Stacy. March 22, 2006. Objectives Introduction; The Immunology of Allogeneic Transplantation OR Abbas and Lichtman Cellular and Molecular Immunology; OR DeFranco, Robertson,

Caries Immunology. Background; Caries and sIgA; Mutans streptococci Tomasi et al, 1965 (J Exp Med): IgA found to be important immunological agent in

  • AIDS: The War Within Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. A very nicley illustrated series of pages that walk you through the replication/infection cycle of HIV.
  • Our Immune System Written by Sara Le Bien, this site uses clever cartoon T and B cells to explain the function of the immune syste. Very worth a visit.
  • Jerry’s Immunology Page
  • Immunology and AIDS Another fine problem set with tutorials from the University of Arizona’s Biology Project
  • Immunology Problem Set Another fine problem set with tutorials from the University of Arizona’s Biology Project. As of 4/21 the tutorials were not yet online but were expected soon.
  • Cells Alive! Excellent coverage of a range of immune-related topics, including inflammation and AIDS.
  • Welcome to Histo A site dedicated to the Major Histocompatibility Complex. I can’t wait!
  • Immunity Full text and graphics (after 1 May) from a journal devoted to immunity.
Return tissue fluid to the bloodstream; Transport fats from the digestive tract to the bloodstream; Surveillance & defense. The Lymphatic System. Lymphatics
Lymphatic system. Non Commercial Use Only. Information and material on slide kit may be reproduced and distributed for educational use only
Fluid of the lymphatic system; Similar to blood plasma and interstitial fluid Blockage of lymphatic system; Increased pressure in veins; Lack of albumin
Lymphatic System and Immunity. Chapter 16. Functions of Lymphatic System. Draining interstitial fluid; Transporting dietary lipids; Protection
The lymphatic system and immunity. A circulatory system for fluids. returns fluid to the blood The lymphatic system helps maintain homeostasis

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