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General topics in Science

Ask An Expert – a list of over 200 web sites and e-mail addresses of experts who will answer questions on any subject.
Athena Science – many online scientific texts, plus science software and links in many science areas.
Bad Science – an exploration of some science phnomena which are often explained incorrectly.
Bill Nye the Science Guy – TV’s most popular scientist for kids.
Canada’s Schoolnet:Science Resources – Resources for students and teachers, in areas of biology, chemistry, environment, geology, math, physics and technical education. Follow the “Sciences” link.
Carter Science Stuff – a gateway to many cool science resources of interest to teachers and students.
Cornell Math and Science Gateway – links to resources in math and all science areas, plus an “Ask A Scientist” link. Of special interest to students in Senior 1 to Senior 4, and educators.
Dr. Internet’s Hands-On Science – lots of suggestions here for science sites that kids might want to visit.
Discovery Channel Online – articles on nature, science, technology and other areas.
Earth and Sky – based on the related science radio series, the site covers discoveries, science concepts, questions and science news about astronomy, earth science and environmental science.
Educational Resources in Science – extensive links to resources in many science areas, from the Community Learning Network.
Education Index – this site offers a selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web … check them out!
Electronic Prodigy – follow the links in the science areas to find detailed information.
Elementary Science Program Homepage – a great collection of student activities, teacher and student resources for elementary science topics and links in many science areas.
Eric’s Treasure Troves of Science – an amazingly detailed online encyclopedia covering such science areas as: astronomy. chemistry, mathematics, physics, planetary science, science history and scientific biography.
Franklin Institute Virtual Science Museum – visit the interactive exhibits such as the online exploration of the heart.
Frank Potter’s Science Gems – links to thousands of science resources, sorted by category and grade level.
Great Canadian Scientists – profiles of Canadian scientists, also a Canadian “Ask a Scientist” feature.
Hall of Science – an extensive collection of science resources in areas from archeology to zoology.
History of Science and Technology – the WWW Virtual Library starting point for links dealing with the history of various science and technology areas.
The Internet Services List – by Scott Yanoff. Click on the science-related links to find science resources.
John’s Virtual Sci-Tech Universe – a very comprehensive starting point for science news, reference, research and other science information on the net.
K-12 Science Education Resources – an extensive list of links dealing with science and education topics.
McREL Science Links – an extremely detailed list of resources for many science areas.
Monthly Microscopy Explorations – this fascinating website shows the appearance of everyday objects through a microscope, and explains the details of what can be observed in the images.
Nerd World Science Categories – a detailed list of science areas, with supporting links.
Ontario Science Centre – interactive activities and links to science sites.
Quirks and Quarks – at this online site related to the popular CBC Radio program, you can find out information about upcoming programs, search the program archives, try the science quiz or check out the hot science sites for information on everything from the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks inside atomic particles.
The Reference Desk – Jim Martindale’s exhaustive list of science and other web sites.
Resource Centre for Science – extensive links to science resources.
SAMI (Science and Math Initiatives) Science Curriculum – a large list of science resources.
SciCentral – a gateway to the most valuable scientific resources online, in over 120 specialty areas in science and engineering.
SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources – an extensive collection of links in many science areas.
Science and Math Resources – links to many major resources in science and math education.
Science and Technology Ready Reference – part of the Internet Public Library; access to an extensive collection of information in many science areas.
Science Clip Art – like the images used on this page, from the folks at SoftShell Online.
Science Hobbyist – links for the amateur scientist, science demos, science education and science museums.
Science Learning Network – a collection of science inquiry resources of interest to students and teachers.
Science Museums Online – go to science museums all over the world at the click of your mouse.
Science Net – lots of links to resources in many science areas.
Science Online – a site at which students can talk to scientists, do science activities, find links to science sites, and teachers can talk to other teachers.
Science Resources from Carrie’s Crazy Quilt – a nice collection of resources, covering many science areas.
Science Sites – links to science resources in many areas, from the Anderson County schools … follow the Science link.
Science Technology Nature Adventure @ – from the folks at the Discovery Channel; lots of science news, features and fun.
Science Topics: Yahoo – a list of the science links available through the Yahoo Science page.
Science Sites : Faculty of Ed, U of Man. – pointers to several assorted science resources.
Smallshop: Science – links to a variety of resources in many science areas.
Sport Science – find out about the scientific principles involved in many sports.
World Wide Web Virtual Library:Science – from here you can connect to any of the science branches of the WWW Virtual Library.
Yahooligans – internet sites of interest to young people; it has quite an extensive science section.

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